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Is this you?

You wake up in the morning, your mind racing with all the tasks and deadlines piling up.  You’ve set your mind to check each item off your list.  You’ve pleaded with God for help.  You’ve set time in your schedule to get it done. Then, your phone buzzes.  You attempt to resist the urge, but give in.  Before you know it, you’re an hour deep into scrolling social media, checking emails, and responding to texts!

Are you finding it difficult as a Christian to navigate the every expanding ‘waters’ of modern technology?  Are you looking for practical advice and support from people just like you who are on this journey? 

As a professional designer, illustrator and Christian, I have struggled over the years trying to figure out how to gain balance in my use of technology while, harnessing its power for good and not evil.   I can’t say that I’ve gained complete victory, but I have been able to implement proven strategies that could radically transform how you interact with your tech. Consider signing up to join the struggle!

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